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Working with Refinement Tags

RefinementTags.png To efficiently work with tags, particularly with large number of tags, following techniques are available the Refinement Tags panel.

Clearing Tag Selection

Tap or click the 'reset' button (4)

Locating Tags in the Refinement Tags Panel

To narrow down the number of tags shown in Refinement Tags panel (5) following filtering techniques are available:
  • Filtering tags by name filter terms:
    1. Enter one or more filter terms separated by ',' (comma) in the filter input box (2). The filter is applied as you type. Filter term matches with tag names are highlighted. Only tags matching any of the filter terms will be shown in the Refinement Tags panel (5). All other tags will be hidden until the filter is cleared.
    2. To clear the tag name filter, tap or click the 'reset' button (3)
  • Using filter Presets
Preset filters are dynamic. They generate filter terms based on the tags found on the current OneNote page, section, or section group. To use the preset filters:
1. Tap or click on the 'Presets' (1) menu
2. Chose one of the pre-defined filters.
3. To clear the tag name filter, tap or click the 'reset' button (3)

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