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Where Should I File my Notes?

This short case study shows how tagging helps to re-discover notes.

Let's assume you attend a conference and learn a trick about networking. You have a section for this conference's notes but also another section somewhere else about networking in general. Later you may need to find this trick again, but you only vaguely remember what it was about and where you heard about it. If you are lucky you find it through browsing various places in your notebook. If not you run a search. In many cases you may have an overwhelming number of hits. Depending on the search terms many of these hits may not even be related to networking. What a pain in the neck to sift through all these.

How do page tags change this? Let's use the same scenario from above. This time we add a number of tags to the page and file it where we think it belongs most naturally (most likely in the conference's section). When we need to find that note later we use the same vague search terms as before. But this time we run a facetted search (full text search with tag filtering). We still get the mess of search results, but this time we also are presented the tags the notes in the search result have been marked with. When we now select the 'networking' tag, the search result is filtered to show only notes with that tag. That should make life a lot easier. Selecting another tag would refine the search results even further.

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