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The Tagging Kit command group does not show up in the OneNote ribbon bar TaggingKitRibbon.png

If the new commands do not show up, OneNote probably was still running while you where installing the tagging kit add-in. To fix this, follow the steps below and restart the tagging add-in:
  1. In OneNote click File -> Options -> Add-Ins. The tagging kit add-in should be listed like so: ONOptions.png
  2. Click on the Go at the bottom of the page.
  3. On the COM Add-Ins dialog turn off the tagging kit add-in and click OK: Tagging Kit Disabled.png
  4. Reactivate the add-in by opening the COM Add-Ins dialog again. Select the tagging add-in and click OK: TaggingKitEnabled.png
  5. With any luck the add-in should be working now

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