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Tags visible but not showing in search


I tagged a page with 3 tags. I can see them on the page. However when I click FIND PAGES those tags don't show up in the Refinement window.

What's really strange is I have two computers - both running OneNote. The tags show up on the computer that I didn't create them on. Both are windows 10 machines running OneNote 2016 32-bit.

I really like your product because being able to tag a whole page is an important feature.

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WetHat wrote Mar 12 at 1:46 PM

Hi John,

thanks for reporting this issue. The tagging kit relies on the Windows search service to find tags. The fact that tag search works one computer but not on another indicates an issue with the Windows search index related to OneNote on the computer where the tags do not show up. I suspect that built-in OneNote search does not work properly on that computer. Given the symptoms you described I would recommend to perform following steps on the computer where tag search is not working:
  1. Make sure that Windows search is active and working;
    • Press the key combination [Windows Logo] + [R], then simply enter the command control.exe srchadmin.dll and you will see the indexing options on the Windows 10 desktop.
    • Click on the '"Troubleshoot Search and Indexing" link at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.
  2. Attempt to repair the Office installation by following the steps at: Repair an Office Application
Hope the tips above made sense to you and helped to fix the search problem.

Please let me know how it went....


JohnSeiffer wrote Mar 12 at 5:33 PM

This did not work. Trouble shooting found no problems and I went to the control panel to repair OneNote. There were two kinds of repair - Quick Repair and Online Repair. I tried them both and there was no change.

WetHat wrote Mar 12 at 9:24 PM

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. Too bad none of the steps worked. Would you mind testing regular OneNote search (CTRL+E) on the machine where tag search fails? Does regular search work?

If regular OneNote search works without problems, I would need to take a look at the Tagging Kit logfile
located in the temp folder. To prepare the logfile:
  • In OneNote open the 'FIND PAGES' dialog of the tagging kit. This runs a search query for tags. If there are any anomalies they hopefully show up in the logfile
  • Close OneNote (so that the logfile gets fully written)
  • Then Open the windows file explorer
  • Type %temp% into the address bar. That takes you to the temporary folder where the Tagging Kit logfile would be.
  • Look for the newest file whose name starts with the string taggingkit and has the file extension .log. (Example from my computer; taggingkit_8D466070F5B9A2C.log). If you find such a file, please send it to me for analysis.
Maybe I can find something there.


wrote Mar 14 at 4:34 PM

JohnSeiffer wrote Mar 14 at 4:34 PM

I think the OneNote search if working fine. No obvious problems anyway. Here's the latest log file.

wrote May 9 at 6:48 PM

MacSide wrote May 9 at 6:48 PM

I am having the same problem

wrote May 9 at 10:09 PM

philo123 wrote May 9 at 10:09 PM

i am also having the same problem, will send log and screenshots attached (also in next message, as it seams not possible to add more than 1 file as attachement)

would appreciate some help

wrote May 9 at 10:09 PM

philo123 wrote May 9 at 10:09 PM

continued 2nd log

wrote May 9 at 10:10 PM

philo123 wrote May 9 at 10:10 PM

continued 3rd log

wrote May 9 at 10:10 PM

philo123 wrote May 9 at 10:10 PM

continued, screenshoot 1

wrote May 9 at 10:11 PM

philo123 wrote May 9 at 10:11 PM

final...2nd screenshot

WetHat wrote May 14 at 9:25 PM

Hi guys,

I've uploaded a bugfix release of the tagging kit (3,1), which fixes the search problem to some extent. Please refer to the release notes for more information.