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Working with the Search Result


When links in the Found Pages panel are tapped or clicked, OneNote navigates to the corresponding page. Clicked links automatically get selected (indicated by the green checkmark (3). You can hold the CTRL-key to select multiple links or the SHIFT-key to select a range of links. The action menu (2) can be expanded to show actions, some of which operate on the selected links:

Following actions are available:
  • Clear Selection: Clears link selection
  • Select All: Selects all links in the Found Pages panel.
  • Copy Links to Pages: Copies all selected links. These links can then be pasted into OneNote pages, or any other application that can work with hyperlinks.
  • Refresh: Re-runs the search and updates the search result. This action is handy when the 'Find Tagged Pages' dialog has been open for a long time and tagging operations were performed on pages or new pages were created in the meantime.

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