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Find Notes by Facetted Search

FindPagesByQuery.png Facetted search lets you quickly refine a full text search by filtering the result based on one or more tags.
  1. Pick a scope (1) to restrict or widen the range of pages to search for.
  2. Enter one or more search terms (2) to run the search
  3. Tap or click the search button (3) or press Enter to perform the search. Links to pages that match the search string are displayed in the Found Pages panel_ (5). If a page title matches the search term(s) the match is highlighted.
  4. Select one ore more tags in the Refinement Tags panel (4) to narrow down the search result. Only links to pages which have all selected tags will be shown in on the Found Pages panel (4).
  5. Click links in the Found Pages_ panel (5) to navigate to the corresponding OneNote page.

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