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Migrating from Code Plex

first post: HintonBR wrote: Will you be migrating the project somewhere other than CodePlex?

OneNote 2016 support?

first post: ayoungblood wrote: Is there any project underway to support 2016?

latest post: WetHat wrote: Could you please send me the tagging kit logfiles after a crash. Th...

Support for Onenote Win10 App

first post: chandresh27 wrote: Just installed, so far I am very happy with the way it works, tags ...

latest post: WetHat wrote: Sorry for the late reply! Currently the Win 10 OneNote App is not e...

XML required to add a page tag

first post: timknuj wrote: Hello, I am using your page tagging kit and I'm finding it very u...

latest post: WetHat wrote: Tag Definitions must be the first children of the <Page> Element. ...

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