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OneNote Tagging Kit Add-In

A free to-use add-in to add social tagging to OneNote for the desktop. It is based on the built-in OneNote tagging System and  takes tagging of notes to the next level.

Feature Summary:

  • Page Tags can be added/removed from pages on-the-fly
  • Search refinement using page tags (facetted search)
  • Page tags are available and fully operational for all users of shared OneNote notebooks (requires add-in to be installed on OneNote clients)
  • Full compatibility with built-in OneNote tagging system, even if add-in is not installed.
  • Locating notes related to the OneNote page currently being viewed

For system requirements, installation instructions, and user guide (with screenshots), please see the project documentation.

For release notes about available releases, take a look at the Downloads section.

If you think the tagging kit is not working as it should, or if you have ideas for improvements, please create a new issue or check the toubleshooting tips

What is tagging and why is it useful?

You may already have seen tags on social media sites (hashtags) or shopping sites (product tags). Tags are used to add additional information (meta data) to articles, posts, tweets, or web pages in general. The additional information provided by tags allows to efficiently organize semi- or unstructured information in a way which vastly improves its discoverability by allowing to:

  • browse information by tags
  • Search for information and apply tags as filters (facetted search)

The OneNote Tagging Kit supports both discovery methods (browse by tag and facetted search)

For background on how page tags improves note management in OneNote see: How do Page Tags Improve Note Management in OneNote?

Can you use the OneNote built in tagging system to achieve this? The short answer is: not quite. These tags are labor intensive to manage, not easily shareable among multiple users, and cannot take part in facetted, full text search.

Screenshot (Tagging a OneNote Page)

TaggingKit Intro

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